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Starting a Photo Booth Business

With the employment market being so competitive, self-employment is a more attractive option than ever. Whilst going it alone may seem to be a daunting prospect, many people successfully start small businesses with a relatively small initial cash outlay, and a photo booth business is the ideal opportunity.

Mobile photographers attend events using a mobile photo booth to capture portraits. Children’s school photo days, proms and graduation ceremonies provide lucrative opportunities, and weddings and baby-naming ceremonies can also be fertile for business. Modern digital technology means that the photos can be produced at the event, giving a priceless memento without having to wait for the images to be processed.

As with all businesses, you’ll need to budget for the an initial cash outlay spent on equipment. The most expensive part of this will be the photo booth itself, which is a collapsible structure that can be quickly assembled on site. In addition to this, a pair of cameras will be needed, along with computers and printers to process the shots.

Whilst the booth is expensive, DSLR cameras can be bought relatively cheaply, and most standard laptops will have sufficient memory to process the photos at an event. However; the most cost-effective option is to use one of the many organisations that will supply a start-up package for an all-inclusive price. In many cases, this can be as little as £3000 for everything you need to get started immediately.

The beauty of running a mobile photo business is that it requires no special training: most modern digital cameras are easy to use and get great results with little previous experience. However; it’s worth learning everything you can about photography before taking the plunge. The other important thing to consider is marketing: you’ll need to sell yourself and your business.

Approach wedding organisers, schools and get some business cards made. Use Facebook and Twitter to market yourself, and get a good website set up. It will take time to get new business in initially, but once you’ve established a reputation you’ll find people start seeking you out.

Considering what sets you apart from others is the key to success: consider using contactless credit card systems to make it easier for people to pay. Having suitable transport for your equipment can help you reach a wide geographic area and help you gain a reputation as someone who is organised and dependable. Giving people a variety of framing options and photo presentation also helps to sell your business.

The beauty of a photo booth business is its scope for expansion: while small events are a good way to start, you can consider other types of event photography such as sports events or air shows.

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For the relatively low start-up cost, a photo booth business can help you to make your own money, and it can be the start of a great career in photography.