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A Developing Social Messaging App Wechat Statistics

If you are new to Chinese market and wants to create a circle best way is through wechat you can create a link. Wechat is a leading social messaging app in china it offers plenty of services like chatting, video call, conference, group chat and group call, you can do shopping with the help of wechat app. By just giving the necessary bank transaction details to wechat you can do shopping not only shopping you can book tickets for movie and fix an appointment at a hospital and even book a ticket for a vacation spot. Wechat is simply an electronic wallet also provide efficient money transferring option. Some basic details about wechat is as follows, Wechat is launched in the market on January 2011 as per statistics on January 22nd 2015 the reach of wechat social messaging service is 1.1 billion registered accounts was there. And based on recent statistic by March 2016 it reaches the user base level as 756 million where 756 million active users are there and 562 users using this app on daily basis.


Basic Information About Wechat

Around 69% of Chinese internet user uses wechat .On every year the percentage of the Chinese user in wechat gets increasing. Among all the countries in the world china is consider as the largest wechat user and around 83 percent of people using the wechat app for purchasing product online. In china 200 million credit card users gives their card information to wechat. In tier 1 cities of china the percentage of using wechat is high when compared to tier 2 cities. 90 percent of Chinese people using wechat on regular basis. Generally wechat is highly active at 10 pm and the rate of male who shopping via wechat is high than the female shopping rate. The first company which implements their e-commerce on wechat is McDonald. Let see how wechat usage around the world. Based on international statistics around 29 percent of world’s population using wechat. And in US only 2% people use wechat. Outside of china wechat has 70 million user .The wechat app support 20 languages and spread across 200 countries.