• Game Designer Information

    Video Game designers formulate ideas and are creative decision makers, They breath life into the game, the core idea, they create the fun factor.

    Game designers are becoming more specialized As the industry expands and video games become more complex and diverse.

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  • Video Game Publishers - Insider Break Down

    Video Game Publishers are like all other publishers in their respected industries (book, movie studios, record labels)

    they do market research, manufacturing, advertising, and are the ones usually funding new projects, either from contracted external developers or internal studios. The biggest players in the industry also distribute the games they publish.

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  • Video Game Design Salaries: Infographic

    It’s a bit difficult to give accurate data on just how much a certain disciplines average salary is. The avarage salary for any discipline can be largely dependent on the size and company/developer they work for.

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Before I go into details on how much Doritos and Microsoft points a video game designer salary can buy you,let’s talk about the average...
Has embedded itself as one of the most important cycles in video game development, and for good reason. The video game community can be very...
Is one of the most popular, highly desired, though misunderstood jobs in this industry. Game designers are becoming more specialized As the...